Steampunk panels

Welcome back to my little corner of the world! I made these 4x6 panels in the industrial/ steampunk style! The pipes, gears, and faces are resin moulds I poured. 

And I used waxes as well! 

They're cool decor pieces now! I'm entering these at The Male Room


What's inside your head?

You ever wonder what goes on in someone's head? I've got all kinds of weird going on in there. This is Jimmy - and by the looks of it, he's got a lot on his mind as well. 

I'm thinking having a face transplant might be a little painful. But nothing a little surgical super glue and staples won't fix, ala Frankenstein. 

The part of his skull that was saved is a rusty, crusty, and grungy landscape. A metal skull plate covers a multitude of sins...and holds a crazy faucet. I guess he needs an outlet to blow off some steam. 

So what do you think he's got going on inside his head? A few wires, maybe a bad memory of Catholic school....we all have a myriad of dreams and fears in there... 

He'll have some nasty scars, that's for sure - but it's what's inside that counts 😉

I'm entering him at SanDee and Amelie's



Howdy doody! Are you loving this weather like me? It's perfect for creating! 

I love altering vinyl records - it's a complex canvas because it can melt using a heat gun if you're not careful. But that's also a strength if that's your focus! 

Vinyl is so pliable when heated up. You can twist it, cut it, pull it, pierce it. You can get really unique configurations to fit your mixed media subject. I wanted something grungy and warped and raw for this. 

Pressing doo dads and found objects into the cement base I spread around gives it a primordial look. 

It's like a greasy, patinaed wasteland... 

If you've never tried vinyl, I highly recommend it. It'll push your creativity to the next level! 

I'm entering this at SanDee and Amelie's


Pick a door

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉✨🎉✨🎉✨ It's the beginning of a new year and am I glad to see the behind of 2020! 🥳

Since it's a new month, there's a new challenge up on the Marvellous Mini Masterpieces blog. This challenge is to make 3 ATCs using this unusual mood board as your guide. 

Lots of ways to play this one - here's my DT makes! I put doors on the outside and color on the inside! 

The doors are held shut using hardware chipboard from A Vintage Girl and velcro. The doors and the inside backgrounds have crackle paste so they have great texture. 

So what ideas have you got for this moodboard? Stop by and enter today! We have a new challenge every two weeks! 


Industrial bottle

The year has flown by but I'm glad it's over! I'm hoping the new year will be filled with happiness rather than uncertainty. 

I had made this bottle for my Steampunk Challenge Blog (thus the watermark) but I've had to put my challenge blogs on hold because of my father's health issues. 

It's industrial with a gears/time chipboard piece that's been lightly glittered in spots. 

And there's some stenciling using a pixelated stencil °°°° 

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and for visiting my blog. I pray you'll all have a safe New Year! 


Kitschy Kristmas

'Tis the season, y'all! We're heading into Christmas so how about a little kitschy winter cabin scene? 

And you have to have lights 🚥

It's a fun display with snow, kitschy baubles, lacquer accents, and a pipe cleaner Santa! 

I hope everyone's holidays are merry and bright this year! 

I'm entering this at Country View ChallengesCreative Artiste, and Arty Divas