I'm steamed...

...steampunked that is!

I made a trio of ATCs that are quirky and definitely punkalicious! This first one has a grungy background with a laughing guy. Embellishments include beads, rust pastes, glasses, screws, and new Finnabair matte wax. The white especially gives edges a worn, faded look. 

These ladies are waiting for the train. Embellishments include rust pastes, metal doo-dad's, rusty screen, and matte wax. 

Welcome to the class of 1898! I've used a couple of large mica pieces and the keys look metal - but they're chipboard! They've been painted with iron paste, then patinaed with different matte waxes! 

I think I'm going to adhere these to some small canvases that are the same size so I can hang them up! 

I'm entering these at artPiASKOWNiCA


A hundred years ago

I've been experimenting with Finnabair's new matte waxes as well as using her tried and true waxes and pastes - this is the result! 

That big metal piece is actually cardboard! I had this odd-shaped piece left over from cutting other pieces off it. I painted it with iron paste (I love that stuff!) and then used ALL the new Finnabair Matte waxes plus rust paste to give it the look of patinaed metal. 

The background of my canvas is covered in crackle paste and then I used a stippling brush to swirl on Finnabair's Brushed Iron wax, then grunged it up with black gesso and rust paste. The triangle piece is also cardboard. 

The picture is framed using a typewriter guide and a bell from an alarm clock. 

A rusty piece of trim holds 4 cogs. 

I love adding wires to a piece like this. And that large metal piece on the bottom is actually something I found on the road while on vacation last year - you can use anything in your mixed media art!

I'm entering this at SanDee and Amelie'sartpiaskownica, and Classic Design Team!


Fancy a little walk?

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post as a MixedUP Printables DT! I've been involved with Katy Leitch and MixedUP for a few years now and it's always fun!

For my project, I did a colorful journal spread using 2 different Printables sets: 50s Bathers and Odd Fish2.

Aren't these fun!? I made my background with distress oxides and then added squiggles and different colors using paint pens. 

These retro ladies are perfect for a little snarkiness!

Want to create your own journal using these printables - or something different? Head over to the store! 


My word is my bond

I am completely honored to have been asked to be a guest on the Relics & Artifacts blog! I recently lost a dear friend from church suddenly - a Navy Seal who served in Vietnam. I made this cross for his wife and family which incorporates his Christian faith and military service.

To see more pics, read the story of symbolism, and read about my creative process, please visit my post on the R&A blog. I'd like to thank Sandra & David Evertson for the opportunity to share my story using their wonderful products! 💜


Fun with Funko

Hello, hello! Hope you're all well during our global quarantine. I've got something but I don't have a fever so thankful for that! 

Since we are staying inside, I've been playing - yay! It started with a blank Funko doll and a large wood block. And it just took off from there! 

There's alot going on with this cube! I will say aside from black gesso, all the paint and coloring was Finnabair waxes and rust pastes, including the new mattes. And I got some molds to play with - chains, pipes, and metal plates!

It appears my pipes have sprung a leak - oh dear! 

This time side has hands that move so the time can be changed. 

And when you have a pipe break, you're bound to have some sludge coming out downstream. 

And we've come to the end of our little adventure. 

Have you ever tried to dress a Funko? It ain't easy - but it was fun! 

It was such a fun project to experiment with - new molds, new waxes, and tons of visuals!