Mini camera

Hello again! It's the end of July - I cannot wait until the fall and winter months! I know during the summer, we vacation and do outdoor activities which means taking photos! 

Now, you can't take a photo with this little camera but it's mighty cute! 

This little vintage camera is made from a wooden block! I had picked up a bag of used kid's vintage blocks from Goodwill and picked one of the smaller ones because of its shape - it's only 1.75" x 1.5"!

The telescoping lense is a brass fixture off an old clock. I covered all sides with vintage-looking paper. 

And when you're looking through the view finder, you see your intended target. 

You gotta have chains and a hook to add some grunge and steampunk flavor. 

Don't forget your flashbulb! 

It sits up on a little wire stand so your shot is steady and crystal clear! 

I love doing miniatures - they're challenging at times and it's fun to try to figure out how to make certain things work on such a small scale. I wanna make more! 


Black hole sun

Howdy, howdy everyone! Got a quickie art journal spread to show ya with {gasp} - pastels!

As you may or may not be aware, I'm more of a grungy and dark crafter. I struggle with pastels and have no eye for the color wheel and what goes with what! It usually ends up in a muddy mess 😑

I was actually challenged on FB by a friend of mine to do something bright so I got to work and took up the gauntlet. I used distress oxides for the background and some stencils.

When I did the other side, I had that Black Hole Sun song by Soundgarden stuck in my head 😅

It was fun to be challenged but I still cringe when doing anything bright! 


Molten time

It's July and the weather is making things molten 🌋

I've been upcycling bottles for about 15 yrs now - funny how it's become some new and neat thing to do 😅. I've been doing it for what seems like ages!

This square liquor bottle has been transformed into a molten showpiece, using Finnabair's copper crackle paste and 2 waxes. 

Yeah, the pocket watch opens for something different! 

Lots of molten goodness. The coloring looks similar to a copper penny when it's gotten older and a little oxidized.

The chipboard pieces were covered in iron paste - makes them look heavy and sturdy.

Oxidized keys for all those old time pieces...

Depending on how the light hits it and the angle, you either get a more shiny or more oxidized look.

I really love the look of this and that it's square. It's a perfectly masculine decor piece!

I'm entering this at SanDee and Amelie's, Creative Artiste, and Classic Design Challenge!



Hello to everyone! So glad you could stop by! Today, I've got an upcycled bottle that I'm all abuzz about 🐝

Those acrylic insects are Zuri molds and they have such detail to them! 

Aren't they amazing?! They're perfect for my little hive of activity. 

And the crackle with mica powder brushed over it - oy! And I love the addition of the different sized metal bees. 

In the sunlight, it's so shimmery with the mica powder. It's the perfect decor for a sun room that overlooks a garden or your back porch. You should definitely try the Zuri molds with your next mixed media project! 


Water 💦 Fire 🔥 Earth 🌎 Air🌬️

Hey everyone! I hope your July is going swimmingly....or maybe you're swimming alot because it's July 😁.  

Artpiaskownica has an interesting challenge going on right now: make 4 ATCs with water, air, fire, earth plus a woman or something feminine. I think it fits perfectly with the July weather!

The 1st ATC is water 💦

Since it's so hot outside, a cool dip in a pool or the ocean can be refreshing. And the waters in various areas have lovely shades of greens and blues with foamy white waves. 

Next, we have fire 🔥

It may be hot enough to melt bricks outside but a lady always knows how to dress for the weather 😉

Then there's earth 🌎

With that scorching weather comes dryness - think of the dried lake beds and the cracked earth. But yet you'll still see some green that's survived. 

Lastly, we have air 🌬️

We do get some breezy air from time to time - but you can't see it, only its effects. Maybe a fluffy cloud or two passing by... 

So which one are you experiencing in your area right now? 

I'm entering these at Artpiaskownica!


Steampunk + Vintage Fashion = WOW!

I'm back with a small album using A Vintage Girl products! By small, I mean the number of 'pages' if you will because the albums they offer are sizeable! 

I had a couple pages from other Vintage Girl albums that I saved to make this one. This Working Gears chipboard set actually moves - you start moving one gear and they all start moving together! I painted these using VerDay and they are glorious! 

The Window with Bricks chipboard was painted with metallic paints and there's a fashionable lady looking out at you. 

I wanted to keep this page - and actually the whole album - simple so that the elements are the star attraction. 

Flip the page and we've got funky vintage fashion! 

I had an old vintage handbags magazine from the 40s that I got this page from. I've embellished my gal with a fancy chapeau made from a window and pipe chipboard. I also used a couple of grommets for her eyes and the pince-nez glasses from the Trinkets set. Everything was painted with metallic paints, including her lipstick! 

On the other side is more vintage fashions ala Finnabair tissue paper. I love the overall vintage look and coloring of the tissue paper on chipboard so I just highlighted it with metallic paints here and there. 

I adore this Baltic Wood Dress Form! I dressed it up (so to speak 😁) with a lace skirt and a top from the Vintage Dress Up Set

Another fun piece was a chipboard measuring tape (not currently available). Metallic paints added just the right amount of color and shimmer to the whole page. 

On the back is printed cardboard which I'm hoping they'll be able to bring back! I adore printed cardboard and this piece is so stinkin' cute! 

This was a fun project to do and so much versatility with A Vintage Girl chipboard! They have more than chipboard so be sure to check them out! 

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