Welcome, friends!

This is the start of my new blog - so excited! I was goaded into it by persons who will remain anonymous (you know who you are 😝). Some of you know me, some of you don't.  So here's a little something about me:

(Me - trying to look cool πŸ˜€)

I live in Williamstown WV on the Ohio River.  I've been married almost 33 years (in July!) and I have 2 kids: Mark (32 in July) and Sherri (27).  I've got a granddaughter and a grandson and 2 step-grandsons & a step granddaughter!  I'm an avid collector of stuff: picture frames, cage dolls, antiques - anything oddly appealing!  And I love mixed media, decoupaging, junk/art journaling, experimenting - my craft room is a disaster area and that's how I like it!

I'm hoping to start posting my creations soon...and maybe some tutorials. I've been actively entering blog challenges and submitting things to a fabulous on-line mag called Mixed Up - I've got a tutorial for them coming up in July and another in August. I'm also in works to being a regular with them so super excited (thanks, Katy Leitch!)

I was also the winner of the Sound of Music challenge at Frilly and Funkie which meant I was their guest designer for their With This Ring challenge!

I'd love to hear from you so drop me a comment to let me know I'm not just talking to myself!!

A SAD FOOTNOTE My father-in-law is terminal and we're on our way to TX.  Will post when I can...


  1. Welcome to Blogland - so glad to see you have a place to share more of your fabulous creations. I can't wait to see what you are working on.

    1. Thanks, Cec - my first official comment! Not sure where this is headed & hopefully I don't end up just talking to myself! 😁

  2. This is going to be awesome!!

  3. Hi welcome to blogland

    1. Thanks so much, Katie - I'm honored to have you here!

  4. Hi Cathy, nice to meet you, I'm sure you are going to love hanging with us all lol. Enjoy your blog Debs😊

  5. Hey Deb - thanks so much! Can't wait to get over the family hurdle & really get started!


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