Using an old Roladex as an Art-adex

I love old Roladexes - well, anything old for that matter.  And I had an idea and I now know it's not new:  turn a Roladex into an Art-adex!

I just love this thing! And you can recline the whole thing....

It's so cool with all the old telephone numbers and contacts.  I've even thought about dialing some of the numbers just to see if anyone's still at that number. 😀

And now what do you do? Why, you create art on each card!

Get your stamps and stencils and embossing powders and sprays and go to town - each card is its own work of art.

It's a fun way to try new things, new techniques - be as wacky and wild or as tame as you want.  Your imagination is your own limit!

These would make great ATCs to trade or keep it on your coffee table for a conversation piece.  You could even use the alphabet dividers to make specific kinds: A for antique-looking, B for bold....endless possibilities. And remember:

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