A bottle, a cross, & a castle

Emerald Creek has a new dare up and it's Anything Goes!  This is the 1st of two projects I'm entering.

As I've posted previously, I love bottles & jars & have been upcycling them for years. I also posted about using wax to age a bottle. I really liked the result of the wax on glass so I'm back with another waxed bottle for this dare!

I had a really neat looking Gin bottle that had an embossed cross-hatch type print on it. I knew I wanted something Renaissance-y ~~ is that a word? 😒 And I had some verdigris crosses so I transformed one with the Art Alchemy waxes.

Where the labels were on the bottle gave me an opportunity to add a couple pictures. I found this castle on a scrap piece of scrapbook paper & went about distressing it for the main blank spot. 

After going to town with my waxes & adding my pictures & other cool stuff....ta da! 

I framed the main picture by embossing around it using chunky Aged Scarlet powder by Stampendous. 

I used some really cool metal trim around the neck and tied it together with rusty, twisted wire and the cross. 

I added some moss around my pictures & added some micro stones & some color to enhance a couple of the roofs on the smaller pic. 

 And the waxes really kicked it up - the embossed patterns really pop! And as I've said previously - those waxes smell divine so this bottle has a delightful scent!

Another glass project with wax that was successful! Depending on the light, you get different shades of red. I'm really happy with the Renaissance-y look ~~ I don't care if it's not a word, it is now! 😉

UPDATE: I won Top 3 - woo hoo!!


  1. I sure do love up-cycled bottles. This is fabulous! Thank you for entering it on the EC Dares.

    1. Thank you, Kim! I love bottles, too!

  2. Wow, fabulous transformation, thank you for joining us at Emerald Creek Dares! Deb xo


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