Aging a bottle with wax & rust paste

So I had this interesting bottle that I actually found in the parking lot at my local Walmart.  It was cool because it was embossed on the outside. And I knew I could do something with it.

Since it was already raised and embossed, let's emboss some color on it.  I chose a green powder since I don't really do anything with green much.  I ran my embossing pad over the design, sprinkled my powder, and got the heat gun.

And it was glorious....but needed something.  I know - wax.  I just got this Blue Velvet Opal Magic wax from Art Alchemy and thought 'Hmmmm....what if.....?'  And away I went. And then I loved it.  And then I thought 'I wonder if I can put the wax on the whole bottle - will it come off if I touch it or maybe it never really dries on glass'.  And so I started rubbing it on.  And I was like 'WOW'!  

That wax really set it off. And the whole bottle covered in it was really cool, all pearlescent and shimmery. But I was still careful handling it, not sure if it was actually going to dry. And then I thought 'How about adding some rust?' Yeah - why not!

And my rust pastes were hurting from non-use. They were really dry and hard - but that's why God made water, my friends.  So I added some, rubbed my fingers around in it and.....voila!

 As I'm rubbing this stuff on, I notice the wax is actually drying - and it started to do something else amazing: it was turning a little hazy, like when you see old dug-up bottles that get that haziness from age or minerals or something - or when your car wax is ready to be buffed. So from my experimentation, I discovered that you can just wax something glass.  This particular color wax gave it a hazy look after it dried.  I don't know what the other colors I have will do, especially the ones that aren't in the Opal Magic line. But I'm sure I'll be experimenting to find out!

Oh, and can I just say this about those Art Alchemy waxes - is it just me or does anyone else notice that they have a wonderful scent? It really is intoxicating to me - probably not a good thing to mix it with a liquor bottle like I did. 😎

So here's the final product after sitting overnight to be sure it was dry. I think it came out pretty awesome! And might I add - it smells good, too!


  1. What a fabulous idea (heading off to the craft room to try the wax out as we speak). Great find as well . The bottle looks fab .........Mags x

    1. Thanks, Mags! I adore bottles of all shapes and sizes and you can get some really cool looking ones at your local restaurant if they have a bar. You'll find they'll give you their empties! I have a gin bottle that is embossed on the outside with a woven pattern all over it - so many ideas for that thing. Lol xoxo


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