Just out of morbid curiosity....

I've been playing with my new Oddly Appealing stamp set that's being sold through Sin City Stamps & having fun!

I thought I'd first show you the whole set stamped before I cut them apart:

I also thought you might be interested in seeing what photos these stamps were taken from. They are me, taking selfies wearing various garb and then photoshopping 😜

NOW - on to the ATC card!

This particular card has a diamond pattern on it which I love & I  knew it would work well with this one stamp.

After embossing using black & orange ~ what else would I use with this face? 😉 ~ the end result is fabulous!

I wanted to set off the face more so I added some red to the eyes. And I did a messy border using black glitter. 

So just out of 'morbid curiosity', tell me what ya think! I think it would be super cool to stamp the face, enlarge it, and put it on a bigger canvas. Then you could go to town with paints & sprays & other mediums to create a really creepy cool masterpiece! 

I'll have more posts in the future using the rest of this creepy & versatile collection so stay tuned! 

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