Psychedelic man

I had a crazy idea while I was painting in my art journal book and it's probably not new. I really don't think there's anything new under the sun as far as techniques or things to upcycle. Anything goes with mixed media so you've probably already seen or tried this yourself. Or maybe I've stumbled onto something I should be patenting or using as my trademark style. 😜

I have my Anne of Avonlea book that I've been messing in & a bunch of Studio 71 acrylics in bright colors & thought 'How about a psychedelic effect with a stamp instead of plain old ink or embossing?' So I set about adding some colors randomly to a page, dried it completely, then started adding black on top.

I already had my gentleman and top hat stamps ready to go because the key is to stamp while the black is wet. When you stamp, really press down to get the black onto your stamp, leaving the colors underneath the stamp pattern. You might have to do it a couple times, wiping off your stamp in between. 

I think the effect was really cool! 

I took the rounded end of a skewer and also printed 'psychedelic man' while the paint was wet. 

When drying all the colors & the black, get your heat gun close to the paint to get some great texture added with bubbling. I also did all the painting with my fingers so I'd get uneven ridges of paint that was thicker in some spots. 

I was pleased with how it turned out and I was just playing around really, not sure what to expect. I think it'll be an awesome affect on a canvas with a harder surface for the stamp. Don't know that it's a unique technique but it's definitely something I'm going to do again! 

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