When is a cupcake box not a cupcake box?

When it's a stove!

Take your little cupcake box & make it into a retro stove - or to suit your style or decor!  You can use paper like I did or paint, pastes & sprays - even do some stenciling or stamping.

For the burners, I used rusty wire. I even made little 'wooden' spoons out of cardboard! And I didn't waste the lid to the little jar - I turned it into a copper-bottom pan! This one has 2 overhead lights - wish they really worked - I'll have to work on that for a future stove 😜

There's lots of ways to embellish them & make them realistic - like a towel hanging from the oven door or a cooking magazine.

This is the first one I did last year. As you can see, it's a totally different style.

I think my favorite part is the glove & stained towel - I can relate 😎

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