An Oddly Appealing sock monkey painting

Today we have a tie-dye psychedelic print of sorts using the sock monkey stamp from my Oddly Appealing stamp set that's available at Sin City Stamps!

I stamped it on a piece of paper, then scanned/enlarged it, and printed it on a piece of water color paper.

Then I set about using sprays and water colors to create an oddly appealing print! 

I think it really came out interesting although it is an oopsy. I first water colored the stamped image, then went over it with clear gesso, thinking any over spray would wipe off. WRONG! 😬 {smacking my forehead}  It started making the main white area a light pink when I tried wiping it with water. But I kept going, adding color & water, blotting & dabbing. 

I ended up going over the image again with the water colors which was perfectly fine. And of course I stamped it Oddly Appealing. 

It turned out great in the end & was a fun experiment. The oopsy didn't make a difference & you probably wouldn't have known if I hadn't said anything! Overall, I like the oddly appealing look & the colors, especially those drops of Tibetan Poppy Teal Sunburst Spray from Lindy's! 

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