Games people play

As a DT member of the MixedUP Merchandise team, I'm here today to show you one of the fun printables available through the Etsy store!

The printable I'm using today is Games Ephemera #1 - and it is so much fun!

I'm using parts of it to make a small match box case to carry my little game pieces around! 

I have these Zumibox match box favor boxes that are precut. I got them on Etsy awhile ago & can't find them now but the Zumibox website has them. They're really cool & easy to put together. 

I scanned the printables page, picked what I wanted on the outer cover, measured, resized, and printed. Then I started cutting and adhering and distressing. 

After putting that together, I made a handle out of thin chipboard & embossed it with a chunky black powder that made is look like a bumpy faux leather. Then I moved on to the inner slide box. 

I used the green board for the base inside & got to cutting out my mini pieces. 

And then, I tied everything together! 

I really liked the handle 🖤

And now for the inside... 

I made some game pieces by painting little wooden spindles and a die out of a mini wood cube. I love the mini cards! 

I really love this printable page and it's so much fun to create little works of art with them! There are a variety of printables from maps to ephemera to poison labels & more so head over to MixedUP Merchandise!    


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