Make a shrine out of your washi tape box

Hello, my lovelies! I'm here today to show you how to make a shrine out of your multi-pack washi tape box!

When I got this multi-pack & emptied it out, I immediately saw it: a shrine.

The first thing I did was tape down the top (I accidentally tore off the tab that goes inside to keep it closed 😐) & covered it in Copper Studio 71 acrylic paint - that stuff is so lush! And it blisters beautifully. 

Then I went over it with Royal Robes Art Alchemy Wax - gave it a nice iridescence. 

Then I got 4 small wood dowels for the legs & painted them black. I poked holes in the bottom of the box & pushed them in. 

Then, let's put it all together! I added some sisal & grungy Sari ribbon to finish it off. 

The iridescence from the wax is fab - and those blisters! 

The creepy doll is from Etsy - this guy has amazing stuff! 

And the small dowels were perfect for the legs. 

Super simple, my friends - nothing is wasted! 


  1. fab, love your creation, I love finding uses for packaging, great fun.

    1. Thanks, Bryan - I'm always thinking 'What can I do with that?' lol


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