What's black and white and fabulous all over?

Hello, my friends! After that tantalizing title, I better produce something black and white and fabulous, huh? 😉

So my fabulous project starts with a block of wood & some MixedUP Merchandise printables in black and white.

First off, get a block of wood. I got some mixed pieces in a bag full of wood scraps & blocks from Goodwill for real cheap - score! Then cover it in white paint. Now, I must confess - I started this project, absolutely hated it, and started over. 😐 I just ran a sanding block over it, left everything on it, and painted over it. And when drying - put that nozzle right up to the paint for fantastic blistering.

Then pick your printables. I pulled from 50's LadiesPerfume Labels, Ledger, & Snarky Words. Anything that wasn't black & white, I converted by using the 'stamp' filter in Photoshop. I also used some black & white tissue paper with a flourish pattern on it as well.

The printables (except the words) were done as transfers: cut them out, put gel medium on the picture, then lay it gel side down on the surface. Let it dry, wet with water, and rub off the paper, not putting too much pressure or your pic can come off. Although, it's perfectly OK if it does - gives it a worn look.

So after some finishing touches, here it is!

I ran some black metallic wax down the edges & outlined some things in black pencil, then went over it with a water brush. I also went over everything with matte Mod Podge to seal it. 

I love the snarky sayings & the blistering! 

I really love these printables & how you can change them & mix them to fit any project! I think this one looks a little more elegant/modern. But you could print everything in sepia and give it a more vintage look or bright colors for something more funky! 

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