Why, yes ~ you CAN turn your switch plates into artwork

A couple years ago, I got the idea to decoupage our switch plates for our lights & plugs. I know - whoopee, you say. But I was very proud of them. And then a couple weeks ago, hubby got this new-fangled light system that you could program & connect other rooms with - it does everything but wash windows 😃.  And that meant new plates for some rooms because they required those big, fat, flat switches. 😑  BUT - I get to use the old flipped switches in future projects so it's a win all around!

Here's a sample of some that survived the tech boom in our house.

At the time, I was "all decoupage, all the time" & hadn't discovered the crazy anything-goes world of mixed media & pastes & sprays. But now I have! 

Here's a before of one of the new plates - BORing.... 

When I mentioned redoing them, hubby was like "If you use paper like last time, you can't wrap it under the backside because these are more flush to the wall..."  And then I said, "I'm not using paper".  And he stopped unscrewing & looked at me like I just told him I rammed the car into the motorcycle in the garage. After many reassurances, swearing on the Bible, a couple cocktails, I got my hands on it...

And hubby was amazed...oh ye of little faith... 😒

It took less than 30 min once I got going, drying in between steps & layers with a heat gun.  I did a prep of clear gesso, then added crackle paste.

Then I added crackle paste through a brick wall stencil in various places. Then sprayed with Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist Paint. Next was painting on a combo of Tattered Angels Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist/Mercury Glass glaze & Adirondack Red Pepper spray, using a regular brush, water brush, and my wet finger to finish the effect.

I then told hubby "Imagine what I could do on the walls..."  And I knew I was pushing it. 😃

Here's a couple for the dining room. The first one is simply black acrylic paint that I dabbed and swirled and left streaky, making texture for the Art Alchemy wax I was going to run my finger over. While drying the paint, I also put the heat gun close to get bubbles as well. Took less than 10 minutes!

This last one - just a couple minutes. I dabbed on wax through a stencil - that's it! 

Anything can be done to leave your personal mark on any room. Use your papers, sprays, embellishments, pastes - nothing is off limits...unless you tell your hubby first. 😃

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