I know this looks like nothing.... you look at this and think, 'Whoopee...a collage journal page with really big words'.  But something lies beneath, my friends.

I did the phrase 'All who wander are not lost' for my mice & men post - but it was supposed to be small. Somehow, my printer spit out these huge words and some were cut off and they were a little blurry. No worries - waste nothing! So for this spread, I changed the phrase around:  Not all who are lost wander. And I dabbed on Studio 71 glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint through a crazy circle stencil. What's that you say - you don't see anything? I think it's too bright in here.....

By day, it's an ordinary artsy journal spread. By night? 

The stencil and edge stamping can be seen at certain angles, though it's not prominent. 

It's an interesting spread with a little kick to it.  And I think I like 'Not all who are lost wander' as a catchy phrase. 😎


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  1. Love this! See, the printer knew what you needed to do!


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