My manni head went steampunk for Halloween

As Halloween was approaching, Fannie was bugging me to go steampunk for a costume. So, I finally gave in!

I made her a 'mask' from a pic of me that I edited in Photoshop 😜. She was a little worried when I was applying it but I assured her she could still breathe while it was on πŸ˜ƒ

To add a little ghoul, I added a zipper to her neck. What's interesting is that the E6000 glue eats into the styrofoam, making it look like it's digging into her neck. Don't worry - she was perfectly fine with it - a little pain to look cool. 😎

I added different types of texture using stencils, crumpled paper, cheesecloth. As I was using my dryer, the little dots on her head became more pronounced, like goosebumps. She was quite thrilled with the process!  She wanted me to add some nails and brads here & there - no pain, no gain is her motto πŸ˜‰  I was glad to lend her a "hand"....

Of course she wanted wings & some type of headpiece. She loved the sprinkler idea & the little crown. Made her feel like a heavy metal princess.

All in all, Fannie was really excited about her big reveal. And since Silence of the Lambs is her fav creepy movie, she insisted on a butterfly somewhere πŸ¦‹

So we're off to do some tricking & some treating....Fannie thanks you for stopping by & checking out her new costume.  Who knows what she'll want next....


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  1. Ghoulishly delightful! Silence of the Lambs is one of my favs, too!


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