Van Gogh's losing it

"I put my heart and soul into my work and have lost my mind in the process"
Vincent van Gogh

Just a simple mixed media art page for my water color journal..... 

I started with a piece of water color paper and then added blue, burnt sienna, & grey acrylic paint from Studio 71. I spritzed with water to let the colors run, then pulled them down the page with a brush. 

When everything was dry, I stamped my van Gogh stamp & miscellaneous cursive writing in various places. 

I also added some stenciling & added a little frame on an area to create a 'fine portrait'. 

I really like this color scheme together - I hope you do, too!  



  1. I love the textures the paint brought up on your canvas, so cool! The tiny fine art piece is perfect!
    Love it Cathy!

    1. Thanks, Kim - I like the tiny art, too!


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