A carnival domino picture book

Hey, everyone!  This was a tutorial I wrote up for the Aug/Sep issue of Mixed Up Mag  -   I couldn't show it before because of a nondisclosure agreement for 3 months since the mag is subscription. But now I can present to you! I previously showed you this one that was featured on the Canvas Corp Brands blog so you can see how different you can make them! 

These are so easy and fun to make and there are so many possibilities. The dominos are the covers so you can use 1, 2, 4, or however many you’d like depending on how big and ornate you want it.  It’s a great way to use your scraps & go wild with embellishments, paints, embossing – you name it!

For this project, I’m going to keep it simple using 2 dominos for each cover. You can either stack them together or side-by-side like I’m doing.  I’m also going to be using some fun carnival paper I have from a couple of companies and some miscellaneous carnival items & scraps I have in my stash.  I’ll be using some crinkled ribbon for my closure ties. So let’s dive in & get started! 

Glue your dominos together for each cover and let dry. I've found that E6000 or something similar is the only thing that'll keep them together - hot glue didn't work.  Don’t worry about it getting on the domino – everything will be covered and embellished! 

Decide how you want the covers decorated: papers, embossing, paint, embellishments. At this point, only do the outside of your covers.

Be sure you have your domino covers right side up when decorating.  On one of my covers, I glued the paper on with the dominos stacked on top of each other rather than side-by-side and had to peel it off!

For the inside, grab a piece of cardstock. Measure the domino surface according to how much of the domino you want to show (if any) around your paper. I like a little margin.

My domino (with edge showing) was 1-15/16”h. I cut a length of cardstock that’s 1-15/16”h and the width of my cardstock (8.5”). You’ll be doing an accordion fold to make your picture foldout.

Measure the width of your domino cover. Mine was 1-14/16”w (with margin). I started fan folding my cardstock at 1-14/16” marks, one after another (or use a scoring board to mark & fold). Cut off the excess at the end that doesn’t make a full picture box.

Start decorating your picture squares. I like to distress the edges and leave a margin for my pictures. Add your embellishments, paints, etc. See Note below.

Decorate the inside of your domino covers. Since the ends of your accordion & ribbon are going to go on each inside cover, you only need to paint, paper, emboss the edges, or leave blank.

Please note: How many picture boxes you get depends on the length of the cardstock you used for the accordion. I used a regular 8.5” x 11” piece of cardstock and cut on the 8.5” side instead of the 11” side. And since I used 2 dominos side by side, I got 4 on one side and 2 on the other because of the width of the covers. Depending on how many dominos you use for your cover and what configuration (next to each other, on top of each other), that will determine how many boxes you’ll have in coordination with what size cardstock you’ve used.

Cut 2 ribbons in an 8” length. Center & glue down (E6000) in the middle of the domino side that’ll be inside. Then glue each end of your accordian down (E6000) on top of the ribbon.

I’ve found when doing the final gluing, it’s best to really press around the edges and keep pressing for a couple minutes. When both covers are on, I close up the book, lay it flat on one end (being careful of any embellishments), and lay something a little weighty on top to help ensure everything glues down properly.

Now, stand up your creation and admire your handwork!  Carefully hold the book together and tie on each side (cut off any excess). I like to tie it a little bit loose so you see a little of what’s going on inside beforehand. As I said earlier, there’s many different ways to do these as you can see below. Instead of cutting with regular scissors, try using scissors with fancy edges. Use the dot side of the dominos as your outer cover, giving it an industrial/grunge look. You can also use latches or wire for a closure. I love making them and using my imagination to make my own little picture show!

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