The peeled paint affect

Hello, my lovelies! I've not been doing much lately - I've been getting over bronchitis (2+ weeks 😷) & caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's. So, I've been trying to take it easy for a bit. But - I'm back with a cool project!

For this project, I had a board - I'm not sure if it's MDF or what. I've just had it awhile 😃.  I painted it yellow, then stamped my scene using these fantastic stamps from Visible Image.  As you can see, my girl got a little messed up - but no worries as you'll see.  Pay no attention to the creepy clown photo bombing my shot 😗

Now, for the affect.  Take some petroleum jelly on your finger and put it anywhere on the canvas you don't want your next layer of paint to go. If you tilt your project, you can see the spots that are shiny.

Now paint over the whole thing with your next color. It doesn't have to be thick with every inch covered. Let it dry or use your heat gun. You'll notice where the jelly is that it looks wet when heating. Anywhere the jelly is, the paint will wipe off & not stick.

Now take a paper towel and gently start wiping off the paint. You can start doing this step while you're drying as well - it depends on the look you want & how much paint you want to remove before it's completely dry, even on spots that don't have the jelly.

Keep doing this with however many colors you want. You could even try dragging a fork through the paint to make lines. Once you're done, step back & admire your handiwork.

I took a black ink pad and rubbed it around the edges & drug it over some spots on the canvas.

The little mess up ended up being no big deal in the end 😎.

I really love the affect it gives!

I love this look! You could start with some cool scrapbook paper as your base instead of paint. Lots of possibilities for home decor - and don't forget the upcoming holiday season!

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