The versatility of vellum

It's time again for another challenge at The Male Room Challenge Blog!

I like to make my own vellum which is a snap: you just need paper & oil! I scanned/printed 3 different pages from an A6 pad from Hunkydory called Gentleman's Journey. I cut them out, added my oil, wiped off the excess, & then dried. I then printed out a picture to go underneath that was in keeping with the theme of the vellum overlay: golf clubs, checkered flags, & a rainbow trout. 

Here's a pic of one of the pages with the corresponding pic I'm placing underneath it. 

I cut the image out the same size as the vellum top sheet, went around the edges with my tape runner, and put the two together. And this is the result! 

I've shown both the original page & the finished vellum page side-by-side so you can see the difference. Can't see through the original! 

And some close-ups...

Now I've got some card toppers or I can mount them on canvases for decor or use them in my journals!  Easy peasy & different! 



  1. Wow! You made your own vellum, awesome. Love all of the cards and the idea.

    1. Thanks, Rocky - I love making my own!

  2. Great sets of ATCs! Making your own vellum, now that's an idea I have to try. Thanks so much for sharing it, Cathy! hugs xxx


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