Got a Mixed Media sweet tooth?

Are you craving some eye candy? Feeling like your creative blood sugar is running low?  I've got your fix!

The latest Mixed Up Mag is waiting for YOU! 100 pages of sensory delights awaits you, including step-by-step & video tutorials. Colors, textures, inspiration - oh my! And yours truly has provided my own Fav Five stash essentials that I can't live without! 

And if you've got some fellow artsy addicts that are craving a fix, why not get them a subscription for Christmas?! It's something they can feast on all the time - it'll keep them out of an artistic funk so you'll be saving a mixed media mind. And we all know a mixed media mind is a terrible thing to waste! 


  1. I haven't read this but I have heard good things about this magazine.

    1. It is great! Great projects, beautiful pictures, tutorials - there's something for everyone that's artsy!


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