Time to do the bump💃- chenille bump, that is

Ho, ho, ho....Christmas is on its way! YES!! I'm one of those that keeps the decorations up until February 😃

Raise your hand if you remember doing a dance called 'the bump' back in the day - well, we're doin' the chenille bump today, as in pipe cleaners. So how about making some ornaments for the tree - or to decorate your presents?!

I love making these using chenille bump pipe cleaners. You can get them in all kinds of colors, even tinsel types. The first thing I do is get my faces together. I generally size them to 1.5" in height. You can make them anything - I even made one of Buster, our dog 🐶.

After you print/cut (I use printer cardstock), then cut your pipe cleaner in half. The chenille bump cleaners have the 4 'bumps' on them. Take one half and fold it in the middle - now you have legs.

Take the other half and hold it against the top of the legs - and wind one side around the top of the legs and then do the other side. You can make the arms as long or short as you want with the winding. And you don't need to glue it - it stays.

Now grab your glue gun & go to town decorating! You can emboss the faces or use flocking, glitter - whatever look you want!

I made a sack of goodies for Santa 🎅- I think Buster is eyeing that piece of candy 😁

My elf got tangled in the lights 🎄

I think this angel is my favorite....

You can really personalize these for individual gifts. And you can make them anytime:  Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays. I think they're so fun & your kiddies can help you as well - just don't let them handle the glue gun! I have enough trouble with it and I'm an adult 😜

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  1. These are adorable! I love how you gave them little items to hold. These remind me of those heart people with paper accordion arms and legs that I made every Valentines Day.


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