A personal journal

I wanted to share with you this paper bag journal I had made for my mom a couple years ago. She had lost her ability to talk due to Alzheimer's so I wanted her to have something she could look at and think about related to family. It's filled with family & loved ones & something my dad said she looked through all the time. The bags formed open pockets so I stuffed them with various tags I made - I think those were her favorite part!

It was made with love & had different textures & patterns & colors - I wanted her to be able to use her hands as well to see & feel various things. I'm so glad she enjoyed it daily and I know I'll cherish it daily as well.

Rebecca Ann (Aug 1954 ~ Jan 1955)


  1. What a beautiful journal showcasing family photos. I bet your Mom cherished this!

    1. Yes she did - she really loved looking at pictures. Even though she couldn't verbalize, I know it helped her memory alot. 💕


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