Grab your gear...time for a treasure hunt!


We're going to have a little fun with a treasure hunt! I'll give you a list of clues to hunt down - a cyber treasure map if you will. The clues will end with the item I'm looking for. The FIRST person to post the correct answer will win a surPrize!

First, some rules:

1. Come back to THIS POST to see if you're the winner - there won't be a separate winner's post.

2. If you're the winner, I will reply to your winning comment & will annotate at the top that the treasure has been found. You then must contact me via the  contact form on the right column.

3. The hunt ends Thursday, 11 Jan @ 10pm Eastern.  If there's a winner by then, the winner will have until Sunday, 14 Jan @ 10pm Eastern to contact me. If there's no winner or the winner fails to contact me, we'll try again at a later date!

4.  It's open to everyone!

5.  Prize will be mailed at the end of January.

6.  Have fun!

So let's get this hunt started!  I'll be sending you to various places so look at the clues carefully. When you locate the first clue, the 2nd clue will be on that page somewhere, then you'll go there and the next clue will be on that page, etc.  Some will be simple & self-evident; others might not be so obvious! Or there might be a few paths you could take with one clue so you might run into a few dead ends. Once you think you've found the treasure, post it in the comments (description /title). Remember - the first one to correctly post wins - and remember the rules above!

{Author's note: - some clues might be a double entendre - think about the movie National Treasure. It'll take some thought 😎}

1.  On my blog, I entered a challenge that turned out to be a real circus!

2.  While at the circus, I had some coffee.

3.  Then I decided to have tea on YouTube.

4.  The last commentor can be found on Instagram.

5.  Look at all the pretty pictures! I love the one with wings!

6.  More pretty pictures - you read my mind!

7.  Now that you've traveled the world, what did you FIND? COME BACK TO THIS POST TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENT!


  1. Wings on Wednesday - Free your mind?

  2. Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reason to stay.

    1. Great sentiment - but not the treasure! 🙄

  3. Replies
    1. No, it's not. This is turning out harder than I expected!

  4. Tattered Angels Mists?

  5. Tattered Angels mists?

  6. Old rusty springs turned into wings??

  7. Replies
    1. Nope - but keep looking & read/look carefully at each stop/clue.

  8. You are a member of Canvas Corp BRand Crew?

  9. Replies
    1. Nope - no one is even close to finding the item!

  10. Ewelina's altered book?

  11. Gypsy travels in West Virginia? LOL I tried but got lost at the wings I think LOl :)

    1. Lol - the wings is where I think everyone is going down the wrong path. I think I'll have to go a little easier on the next hunt!


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