Here's the answer to the treasure hunt 🖼️

No one found the treasure I was looking for! So here's the answer to each clue provided - were you close at all? 

1. On my blog, I entered a challenge that turned out to be a real circus!

The post was The Greatest Show On Earth

2.  While at the circus, I had some coffee.

In that post, I referenced Tattered Angels Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist

3.  Then I decided to have tea on YouTube.

Once at the Glimmer Mist link, there was a recycled tea box with a link to the YouTube tutorial

4.  The last commentor can be found on Instagram.

Once at the video, the last commentor was Tattered Angels

5.  Look at all the pretty pictures! I love the one with wings!

This is where you can take a few different paths because there's more than one pic with wings. I chose this pic:

And the person who made that layout from the description is CCB Crew Member Marie Johansson

6.  More pretty pictures - you read my mind!

Once on her Instagram page, the word 'read' (books) is the key which leads to this pic:

And that pic corresponds to the CCB October Challenge 

7.  Now that you've traveled the world, what did you FIND? 

Once there, the key is 'world' - and that takes us to the cool altered piece by Dollie which has a globe (world)

Does it all make sense now - or are you smacking your foreheads? 😃

We'll try again another time so stay tuned.... 


  1. Ok - I was searching the Tattered Angels ig but didn't go far enough! Fun!


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