This was a mistake!

I got a new pack of large Prima chipboard tags & set out creating a mixed media tag. It started like this:

Then progressed to this:

And it got worse - I layered scraps of paper & burlap toward the top 😲  I won't hurt your eyes anymore with the photo evidence. I was so disgusted with it, I threw it in the trash & went downstairs to lie down. I had a migraine headache so the psychedelic vibe from the migraine craziness in my head was coming out on the tag 😃

And then I thought, 'Just turn it over & use the other side....or better yet - paint it black & do metallics!' So I trudged upstairs again, head pounding, and was inspired... 

I just added a bunch of doo-dads, glass glitter & microbeads, then painted it all black. Then I went to town with a base coat of Lumiere Halo Pink Gold - completely awesome color! 

Of course, it's a must to use various Finnabair products for dazzling color & highlights! 

So the moral of the story is: if you want something psychedelic, wait until you have a migraine and are seeing visions from the pain 😃  Or, there's always a way to salvage a crappy piece of art. 😎

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