A little secret garden

Spring is in the air - the sun is shining more, gardens are waking up, & butterflies are fluttering. Capture that moment with your own little secret garden box! The cute little sun face on the lid invites you to see what's underneath!

Start by cutting out a circle to fit inside your mini box - you don't want it snug since it's a pop up. Cut 2 strips of cardboard and accordian fold them for your springs. You'll need to make them long enough so that your circle will just clear the opening of the box.

Paint your lid with white gesso, then stamp your face. Paint with Tattered Angels Wheat Glimmer Mist and mix a dab of Wheat and Tattered Angels Roses R Red Glimmer Glam together for an orangey color.

Cover your box with moss - make it as bushy as you want or give it a haircut! Also cover your cardboard circle & glue your springs to the circle, then inside the box.

Make a copy of the butterflies in the frame on the Architextures Art Wall paper to make the butterflies into vellum (brush on olive oil & dry). Cut them out and paint with Tattered Angels Verdigris Glimmer Mist, then spritz with Tattered Angels Pearl Glimmer Mist.

Glue your little person & butterflies into the moss - your garden is complete!

Since you have little springs, you can gently push down your garden and put the lid on!

Whether you have a small project or large, home decor or mixed media, you'll find what you need at Canvas Corp Brands!


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