Crazy fun with acrylics

Hello, my crafty friends! I've been having fun with acrylics - something I've shied away from for some reason. I've used acrylics on some things but not in this manner!

It is so fun and freeing just to experiment!  They're quirky & random - that's my style!

I've been into watercolors alot yet I have all kinds of acrylics just sitting around so I decided to just dive in, come what may. The canvas is recycled - some mixed media thing I didn't like. And the journal face is painted over a castle I had drawn and used for something else. I absolutely grew to hate it (yet it'll be in an upcoming post for one of my DT duties!)

My advise? Be like Nike - just do it!  I'm not expecting to be commissioned any time soon or anything. 😃  It's just relaxing and fun to try something different and learn something new. But I wouldn't mind a commission! 😘

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