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As a Creative Crew Member for Canvas Corp Brands, I get a unique perspective and behind-the-scenes information that perhaps you're not aware of!  I want to pass on some of that information from our  esteemed owner, Christine Meier!

Glimmer Mist

"All Tattered Angels Paints are made in the USA in our warehouse - even our bottles and sprayers are made in the USA. We have stayed true to the original formulas and recipes and each paint is made by a specific recipe that includes dye and mica, but there are a few other ingredients that help to stabilize it and allow the paint to do what it does.  Glimmer Mist was the very first mist on the market and is still recognized as one of the top brands based on the color selection and quality.  We paint each color swatch with each batch, so even if the color is slightly different you know what you are getting when you see the color. The slight changes in color can come from something as simple as the exact temperature of the water which is warm when we make the paint. We use makeup-grade mica, which is one of the best you can buy, and that is why the mica has such a shimmer and it is safe without any chance of harmful materials. The mica is sourced from around the world and is created to reflect the light, so some colors are more distinct than others, no matter what, just like the rainbow. You can apply Glimmer Mist as a base without changing the surface or as a top coat to just about any surface. To make it adhere to slick surfaces, use a heat gun and the results are amazing. We use a permanent dye ink that is not permanent when applied to clothing or fabrics if washed, but it is permanent on just about everything else - including carpet! For some reason, the coatings on carpet love Glimmer Mist so make sure to always cover your work space. Wearing gloves or washing your hair are two tricks to keeping the dye off your hands or getting it off once you have had a wonderful, messy craft day. Glimmer Mist and Simply Sheer are the same product - Glimmer Mist just has mica and Simply Sheer does not."

Canvas Corp Printed Card Stock

"We approach our paper line much different than other paper companies and we kinda think it is a smart way of doing things! Papers are all printed on 80# white, ivory or kraft paper only. Our paper is made in the USA with recycled materials, with the kraft being the most eco-friendly paper. We print with soy based inks and use an old-fashioned print method we call Spot Color. We choose each ink that we print and only print a select number of colors at a time. That is how we get the rich, deep colors. We print only on one side, allowing all of our papers to be turned into cards, die cut boxes, mini books, invitations, file folders, tags, scrapbook backgrounds and more. We focus on the basics and keep them in stock all the time (we only discontinue papers that are not selling well). We refresh our basics by creating fun, trendy and functional paper collections that coordinate with our basics. Our papers can be mixed and matched to create paper collections for any holiday, theme or event. Our papers work well with other paper lines when a few basics are needed in the overall design. Our samplers and sayings-designed papers are inexpensive embellishments that are ready to be cut up and added to a wide range of projects. Our papers are offered at a great price in the market and are available in packs of 15 which is perfect for classes, store inventory, etc."


"Some of you may not know this but we design products for Michaels behind the scenes and we are excited that a few of our new stickers are now available. The one above is one you might like - a vintage wedding style. So next time you shop the sticker aisle at Michaels, they could be one of our designs!"

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