Gilded ATC diptych

Hey everyone! It's challenge time again at The Blank Page Muse Stamps!  This month's theme is ATC!  The challenge goes live on 10 Mar and runs through 8 Apr so get your thinking caps on and enter!

For this challenge, I've made this interesting gilded diptych.

Supplies Used:

The Blank Page Muse Stamps: Angel Pocket Watch Collage
Gilding Flakes
Gilding Glue
Black ATC cards
Washi Tape
Inkssentials Rub-It Scrub-It Pad
Blending Foam
Wax Paper

1.  Put some gilding glue on wax paper & pounce it onto your stamp, then lay the ATCs on top, pressing down firmly.

2.  Remove the ATCs & give them a couple minutes to get tacky; the glue has a bluish tint to it so don't be alarmed! While waiting, clean your stamp off with water - the glue is really sticky & you don't want it drying & gunking up your stamp. 

3.  Take a pinch of your flakes & sprinkle around the ATCs. It's important to not have a fan on or a draft - these flakes will be everywhere otherwise! Gently swirl the scrub-it pad over the flakes to get them set on the ink. Like embossing powder, the extras can be put back in the jar.

4.  Once you get the extras cleaned up off your ATCs & workspace, put your diptych together with washi tape on the back. 

And now - proudly display your masterpiece! 

The colors of gilding flakes are just gorgeous against black!

So now it's your turn - what will you create?  Come check out what my other DT pals have created for inspiration.  Share your lovelies at the blog on 10 March - you could win some great prizes! - and on our Blank Page Muse Stamps Fan Group !


  1. WOW Way cool!! Really beautiful- I love that you shared how you achieved such looks-
    Jackie ")

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! Gilding adds that extra oomph!

  2. This is so fantastic Cathy! I love the golding, wow! I never have seen this effect before. Thanks so much!

  3. Looks fab Cathy - love the sparkle!


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