Back from the great state of Texas!

I'm back from my journey to Texas with hubby - partly business, mostly family & fun! I grew up in Southern California - in the Mojave Desert - so I'm familiar with dry, flat land....which is why I moved to the East Coast 25 years ago for the seasons 😃 So while I'm not a fan of dusty, flat land for miles and miles and miles, there is something I love about going to Texas: the gobs and gobs of restaurants!

And one that was right around the corner from our hotel during the business portion was a place called The Magic Time Machine restaurant.

Looks pretty ordinary, yes?, it's not. Our server was Captain Jack Sparrow ☠

And yeah - he sometimes seemed a little drunk on rum 😃

The place was really amazing. All the table areas were different themes and it was really kid friendly. You could walk around and take pics of everything. All kinds of different servers like Poison Ivy, Nacho Libre, Spiderman. Really a unique place!

And so that takes us to family & dogs and just hangin' out....hope you've enjoyed my photo journal, y'all!

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