Make a wish....

We've all seen old treasures that have been dug up - rusty, dusty, coated in mud, encased in mucky substances that freeze things in time. Cool stuff!  I made my own little treasure that's all of the above - except it's made with new stuff. But it can still conjure up stories and nostalgia.

This little tin is covered with rust pastes and cheesecloth and Seth Apter's Chunky Rust Embossing Powder.  Texture and chunks and muck - oh my!

And the inside holds memories and trinkets. An old photo, frozen Charlotte, and safety pin encased in some oozing muck that's hardened. Some of Seth's Vintage Beeswax on top gives it a cool finish. And there's more chunky rust and an aged patina throughout. 

You, too, can create your own buried treasure from yesteryear with just a few modern supplies. So go make a wish...


  1. Loving this. It really is like an old relic that you dug up after many years.

  2. Old relics are fascinating, now I am inspired to make me a New Old Relic creation. Love this box, thank you for the inspiration.


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