12x12 Kraft Envelope Challenge

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a really fun CCB Crew Challenge that I participated in recently: turn a CCB 12x12 kraft envelope into something else!  So here's my entry!

It's kind of an exploding picture card! There's 7Gypsies paper sewn onto each side of the envelope and then folded. It's kept closed by a band that's made out of cardboard covered with pieces of brown paper bag that's distressed to look like leather. Rusty wire keeps it closed on one side and the back band is adhered to the back of the card. When you untwist the wire - boom! It like explodes open!

And inside is a folder that's just a lot of vintage goodness!

So many CCB elements were used: ArchitexturesTattered Angels Mists and Mixed Media Originsfolderstissue stock and burlap. There's so many products at CCB that can transform an ordinary idea into a work of art!

And if you're not already a part of the CCB Brands Collective Group on Facebook, what are you waiting for?!  Since this was a challenge, members of the group get to vote on the entries!  Come join the group, cast your vote (wink, wink 😘), and join in the fun!


  1. This is a great project. I love dimensional cards and this one is a surprise!!

    1. Thank you very much! I have a Mother's Day card next week on the blog in the same style so I hope you'll check it out

  2. Very cool! I have never seen a card quite like this but I love it.


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