I've always liked Art....

While lounging around & recuperating from my surgical journey, I started working on a Father's Day card for hubby. And I experimented with the outside using spray starch, Lindy's Shakeables, and a plastic grocery bag. After it dried, I peeled off the bag and was amazed at the vibrant result!

The Shakeables I used from the original collection were Oom Pah Pah PinkYodeling YellowGuten Tag Teal, and Polka Purple. I put down a layer of gesso first, then made some circle in it using a tube. The smooshed bag gave it some cool impressions and patterns. And fine glitter adds a little extra sparkle.

I was really happy with the vibrancy using spray starch instead of water! So, is 'Art' about the creativity or perhaps the old gentleman's name - a little play on words? The inside will be revealed another time which will tell the tale 🙄

For now, I'm entering it in the Lindy's Monthly Challenge which is quite colorful!

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