And since one freebie isn't enough....

My friends, count your lucky stars that I've been lounging around since surgery, not really being creative but still wanting to do something!  So here I am again with another freebie!

S&S = Sweet & Spark!  They've got clothing, vintage jewelry, home's a fab place!

All you have to do is follow me & sign up for emails so that you'll know if you're the winner!  When I hit 70 followers, I'll choose a random follower to bestow a $25 gift card code on! And they ship international! 

And don't forget these other giveaways I've got going!

75 followers: 75 crafty items

Share these posts with your friends on all your social media sites - help me get those numbers up!  You have 3 shots at 3 different great prizes!

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