Naughty or nice?

Have you tried the latest artist craze - making ATCs? Not Artist Trading Cards but Artist Trading Coins! They're usually between 2" ~ 2.5" in size and flat; most people do collages on them. Well, I'm not most people. I go for layers and dimensions - a little work of art. Kind of fun to play around with and maybe a little more of a challenge.

I went with opposites: a little naughty, a little nice... devil or angel...

The base is a cereal-box type cardboard but my large punch wouldn't go all the way through so I cut them out using the marks it made on the cardboard. Not perfectly round but that's how I roll. 😎

My naughty coin has a Halloween flare - is it ever too early?!  The iridescent nature of the Art Alchemy opalescent paints gives you a different color in different lights. My odd doll is from my Soulful Dolls stamp collection at Blank Page Muse Stamps. He's captured a little person in his clutches - what will it's fate be??  Black & purple tulle are layered underneath.

My nice coin is more vintage and, well...nice. the girl has some color added and the butterfly is shabby. Chunky black embossing goes around the edge and white tulle with some iridescent shimmer & fine glitter makes a nice backdrop.

They're fun to make and would look darling attached to a gift or a canvas, maybe even in an art journal which I'm going to explore. It's definitely something I'm going to do more of!

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