Here comes the sun 🌞

The sun: some worship it, some avoid it at all costs. My favorite phrase in describing it is 'white hot'. That's how I've chosen to show it on my pretty tag.

I wanted it to look clean and uncluttered - letting the 'sun shine through' so to speak. That's why I chose to use a white background. While the sun is white hot, it's also a golden ball, lighting up the sky with its rays. The background stamp is a Hero Arts sunburst pattern that's subtle yet packs a punch. The Perfectly Peacock embossing powder gives it a cosmic shine, depending on how you turn the tag. Straight up, you don't get the shiny glare but turn it, and you need sunglasses!

I added some flowers that the sun has helped to grow and bloom. Beautiful blue, yellow, and rose shades have seeped out after taking a drink of cooling water. They're also gold-tipped as an homage to the golden orb giving them life.  

All the beautiful colors are from Lindy's - everything shimmers in the sun, even the sun himself.

It's a simple tag that tells a story to me. And I got my inspiration from the Art Playground for their July challenge- Tell Your Story.


  1. Fabulous tag and love all your reasons for everything you have included
    Carol x


  2. It's good when the creativity gives joy! Thanks for playing along with Art Playground blog.


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