My crazy hot air balloon

The Frilly and Funkie blog is having a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles challenge and Rhedd's Creative Spirit is all about mixed media so here I am with a quirky little hot air balloon.

I had a metal candle holder that I grunged up and used as my base. I made the basket out of cardboard that I covered in pieces of paper bag and scrapbook paper and then distressed. And then there's the balloon itself - it's a large lightbulb that I covered in layers of different papers and then distressed and embellished. 

My little traveler has brought along her luggage and personal trinkets for the ride. And to keep her grounded are chains and ropes weighted with metal doo-dads.

I don't know where she'll end up on her travels but I think she'll enjoy the ride.


  1. Love how you transformed a light bulb into a vintage hot air balloon ready to transport the viewer away. Lots of great details in this little beauty. Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funkie.

  2. What a fun project! I love the transformation of common household objects that take us to destinations unknown! Thank you so much for sharing your clever creation with us at Frilly and Funkie! Hugs! Sara Emily

  3. Oh, I just love this. It is an excellent project for this challenge.

  4. Loving your hot air balloon..what a great way to alter a candle holder..
    Thank you so much for joining ua at Rhedd's xx

  5. Brilliant hot air balloon! Love the mixed bits you pulled together to make this eclectic and fun art! Thanks for playing along in the Frilly and Funkie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" Challenge!

    U did such a FANTASTIC JOB on this!!!
    My jaw was dropping clear to the floor so much that I ran out of comments clicking in to see everyone else’s entries: they blew my mind right out of it’s plain old box (of airplane, train, etc) and yours definitely fit the bill for ORIGINALITY & surprise!! I am humbled to be included in such a HUGELY TALENTED group... you guys never cease to teach and inspire others to new heights of the description “spectacular”! CONGRATS!!!


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