A vintage little booklet

Howdy everyone! Got another little zine to show you - or actually, it's more of a booklet since it's made with a 12x12 piece of paper!

My base is a ledger paper from the  Architextures Papers - Collection 1. And I did the folding and cutting like a regular zine you make out of a smaller piece of copy paper. But this one is taller, like a checkbook ledger, because of its larger size.

There's a lot of elements from CCB packed into it - from Tattered Angels paints, Ephemera, and Architextures to Rub onsJunque packs, and even the packaging! 

It's a fun and nostalgic little booklet that would make a great gift for a friend! And there's a limitless amount of ways to embellish your own with CCB products! 


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