It's a 'ween zine

I am soooooo ready for fall and the creepy autumn season!  And I'm enjoying making some zines!  I've found the easiest way to do it is making a template in Photoshop, then dropping in different backgrounds for each page. Just print, fold, and embellish!

So much creepy cool stuff out there that you can manipulate and change around to fit your project.  I like adding color to b&w/sepia pics. Or using the paint bucket in one spot and changing how much area it will color. You can get parts colored and parts that stay white. Or add creepy colors to the eyes.

This batty gal has some chipboard bat wings. And the filter I added to her makes it look quilted.

And someone's just dying to get their hand on some poison hooch.

I'm entering this little creepshow at Dream in Darkness, the perfect place for all things creepy. ☠


  1. Oh wau, wonderful result for your "easy" (it never is really...) project. Brilliantly creepy. I think I love the last page the most ... makes my brain thinking about what's happened and who did it and and and..

  2. Yes, and thank you so much for joining Dream in Darkness and sharing your art.

  3. So wicked and perfect for this season change. Thanks so much for playing along over in our dark lil corner at Dream in Darkness, Cathy!

  4. As always, your fertile imagination and technical skills amaze :) Dream In Darkenss is much enlightened by your participation :)


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