Meet Elvira

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like Halloween around here...

Poor one-armed Elvira. Her shroud is slowly being overtaken by a couple of hungry spiders, spinning their silky threads, leaving behind crystal nuggets and goo, and encasing anything they can get their femurs, patellas, and metatarsus' on.

Does she look worried? I think she tried offering them a drink but they wouldn't take the poison. Don't lose your head over it, Elvira... although...

I do believe she'll live to see another day... but barely...

I think she'll feel right at home at Dream In Darkness.....😱


  1. That is one spooky doll... Fabooooolous!

  2. Well, we welcome Elvira to Dream in Darkness, she is perfect to join our space of alternative art. Thank you so much for joining Dream in Darkness challenge.

  3. Elvira is awesome, she is most welcome at Dream in Darkness!


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