Some puzzling ATCs

I've got some different ATCs for ya - puzzle pieces!

They've got puzzle piece flaps in the front that open to reveal what's inside! 

The main backgrounds and cutouts are from Gecko Galz' Dark Arts Digital Collage Set which is my favorite set to date! I mounted the ATC onto cardboard rather than an ATC board. I like the unfinished grungy look of cardboard. 

When they're open, they're like little triptychs or mini works of art!  Really fun to decorate and set around! 

I'm entering these at A Inky Mess!


  1. Fabulous ATC set love the idea of using puzzle pieces
    Carol x

  2. Love tour ATC's, I agree with crafty-stamper puzzle piece idea is awesome :)

  3. Do you have a tutorial? These are really beautiful :)

    1. Unfortunately, I don't! But I can tell you they're easy to make in Photoshop! First make your ATC card in a file. Then open a separate blank file filled with white. Use the crop tool and change it to shapes - there's puzzle pieces! After cropping, copy to your ATC file and move them around to the edges. You might have to play around with how wide they are so they come together when folded but it really doesn't take long! I've got a steampunk version I'll be posting next week and a fun starburst one mid-Nov! Just play around and have fun!

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your comments - I appreciate every one of them!


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