Rest and relaxation

Hello, my friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, and food!

This year, hubby and I went back to one of our favorite haunts in West Virginia - New River Gorge. We rented a cabin for a couple days and just chilled with our fur baby Buster. It was cool weather which we love!

Besides loving art and being creative, I also love taking pictures! I'm one of those that takes pics of the food at a restaurant 😀. Or I'll be on the ground in a yoga position, taking a close-up of a bug. So I thought I'd share some pics I took during my time off! And some of them will be different and artsy 😉 So buckle up for a picture palooza!

Hawks Nest Hydroelectric on the Kanawha River

I love the trees and leaves...

The Mystery Hole - a kitschy piece of Americana!

The Hawks Nest - it's up there!

That would be fun to slide down..or climb up

Such a beautiful view and I love the lines and curves

Buster's enjoying himself...

The obligatory food pic 😀😆

And on to the New River Gorge bridge! They actually have walks you can take on the catwalk under the bridge - can't get hubby to do it 😀 And away we go!


But the view was worth it...

And then the climb back up....

A lonely little pinecone...

Buster thanks you for taking this journey with me! Now to get back to creating some beautiful things!


  1. WOW...some super photos there.....

  2. WOW looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing the photographs some amazing scenery.
    Linda xxx


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