The last remnants of Autumn

Winter is fast approaching and with it brings barren landscapes and dull, gray skies. But Autumn can still be seen in little pockets here and there. And that's what the mood board from Mixed Media and Art inspired in me.

There's still a little color, still a lone butterfly fluttering somewhere before succumbing to the winter freeze. So I used those thoughts to create a little scene that tells a story.

Autumn was a time to play, to gather flowers for drying, maybe enjoy a merry-go-round. This MDF kit gives you another chance before the snow comes! My autumn queen has been picking flowers and enjoying the crisp outdoors.

Her timepiece is telling her there's not much time left. 

She remembers being a carefree child, playing with ponies and playing dress up.

The merry-go-round is being taken down and stored away. But the regal butterfly will not be denied one last chance.

He's praying to hold on to the Autumn sun and the colors of the season.

They'll have all winter to hibernate while dreaming of the care-free Autumn days and warm nights.

I'm also entering this at Scraps N Pieces!


  1. This is fabulous Cathy.
    Linda xxx

  2. Oh, this is very unexpected! So creative! Thank you for sharing with us at ScrapsNPieces!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for joining our challenge at ScrapsNPieces!


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