Just a fun little picture album recycle

Hello my fellow crafty peeps! I've got a quickie upcycle project for ya!

You know those old picture albums from the 60s that have the sticky pages and the cheesy plastic that goes over the top of your pics? I have some of those from my childhood and decided to recycle the cardboard pages to make a homemade ATC album.

I hung onto the album covers because they were actually cool looking: fabric-covered with orange and yellow flowers! I made my own covers out of cardboard. I used this giant stencil from Stencil Girl with different inks to decorate the front.

I used the original sticky cardboard pages (which weren't really sticky anymore) sans the plastic overlays (which I saved for future use!) and mounted my ATCs with velcro - that way, I can still take them out or move them around. And I didn't do anything to the pages like painting or doodling - kept them vintage looking with all their faded flaws.

I still have alot of ATCs and pages to add - I ran out of velcro 😃. But this will be a big and beautiful album that's functional! It's good for me because I make alot of dimensional ATCs that are thick with embellishments or that open up. With the twine binding, it can easily expand and not squish them. I couldn't use those regular ATC pockets! Fun, recyclable project that's super easy!

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