These Stamperia soft moulds are awesome sauce!

Hey everyone! Did a quickie upcycle to a bottle using Stamperia soft moulds and Finnabair waxes!

It really doesn't take alot to turn a regular liquor bottle into something spectacular! You don't have to reinvent the wheel on every mixed media project by over-embellishing or piling on the extras. All you need is a couple Stamperia A5 soft moulds and some waxes to give it a beautiful iridescence! 

Rather than cutting the different pieces out, I used the whole thing! The exception was cutting the top off the heart mould to put around the neck. It really looks more artsy and architectural that way. And I also sprayed the whole thing beforehand with Stamperia Mirror Effect! You can also tear off parts for a more ragged look. 

These moulds are really fantastic - so much texture! I used ModPodge to make these! You can use other types of pastes or even matte gel. Just let them dry overnight!

They really are fun to use to create spectacular effects to your projects! 

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