It's starting to get hot and muggy outside - perfect for staying inside and creating a little mess!

This 8x10 panel was covered with patching plaster, then embedded with various chipboard elements from A Vintage Girl! My first go around, I did it all with rust pastes and it was horrid! So I started over with black gesso and waxes!

I used one of the 7" wings and stuck it out at an angle. Other chipboard pieces include bricks (both the single pieces and the frames after popping out the bricks), a key and keyhole, a feather, pipes, and cogs. It was actually good that I first screwed up with the rust pastes because it gave everything some grit and texture when I started again!

I can attest to the fact that this chipboard takes a beating! It went through rust pastes, water spritzing, watered-down black gesso, and then waxes! Nothing separated or peeled or broke! Quality stuff, my friends. 

Please do stop by the shop - the bricks sell out fast! But there's a fab selection of vintage and steampunk for you to choose from - and stickers! And there's new stuff being added on a regular basis - you won't be disappointed!  

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