A tailor's vignette

Hello my fellow mixed media-ites! I've got a vignette I put together that is incredibly fun to look at it - it's a peek inside a tailor's shop!

Now, what really makes this special are the elements from A Vintage Girl:  Butterfly wings  with hardwaredressformpulleypipehanger, and a piece from the Hometown paper collection (unavailable) that I printed onto tissue paper, then tore randomly and placed on the sides.

In cleaning up my craft room I discovered all sorts of doodads, buttons, trims, even a light - I also discovered there's great inspiration to be found when you find stuff you've forgotten about! I thought back to my younger years of sewing with my mom and our trips to the fabric store - so I made little bolts of fabric from my newly discovered old stash! 

I couldn't be happier with how this turned out! It was so fun putting everything together!  And the box is actually a jewelry box I had gotten from Goodwill for $2! 

I want to encourage you to pick up some fun stuff from A Vintage Girl - you won't be disappointed!  Vintage, steampunk, stickers, canvas - more items coming soon! 

I'm entering this at Classic Design Team Challenge and A Vintage Journey!

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