Spooktacular ATCs

We're not far from Halloween and Emerald Creek has a 'shop of horrors' challenge brewing!  I conjured up a trio of ATCs that look ordinary but hold a surprise when it gets dark! We've also got a challenge going on at Bleeding Art so this is a dual-purpose post....enter both!

I love it when it glows! 

I think they're still cool looking in the daylight as well!

Be careful - that's the kiss of death 💋

I mixed the Ocean Spray and Spiced Candy powders to get a purplish tone. And those eyes 💀

Halloween isn't Halloween without a spider or two...🕷️

Come join in the fun at Emerald Creek where you can win some great products from their shop - no tricks! And don't forget Bleeding Art! 

Emerald Creek Supplies:

Other Supplies:

Embossing Pad
Blank ATCs
Glow in the Dark Powder


  1. Very clever with the "kiss of death" - love a bit of spook that thinks outside the box! Great ATCs, and so cool that they glow in the dark.
    Alison x

  2. Great ATC for Halloween. Interesting use of products and textures. Judy

  3. Great trio of spooky ATC's! I love how they glow in the dark!


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