Stencil collaborative with StencilGirl!

Hey everyone!  I'm thrilled to be part of a stencil collaborative with my friend Tina Walker and StencilGirl!  The idea is to use only one StencilGirl stencil to make a journal spread, home decor item, and a different project of your choice.  And you can't use any other stencils, just the one.

My anything project is this colorful ATC triptych!  ATCs are a fun way to get your creativity flowing. What I did was take three ATC blanks and turned them into a mixed media triptych! Using a stencil that will span all three creates an interesting panel. And then, when they're apart, they're still interesting because of the textures and patterns and colors used to begin with!

I covered my ATCs with white tissue paper for texture, then stenciled my design using StencilGirl's Tribal Hand - one of my fav's!   Then I used acrylic inks for color. 

Next is a hand fan - yes, I went there 😃. I painted a scrap piece of cereal box-weight cardboard with black gesso, then stenciled my hand. Once dry, I added waxes to give it some color and shine, then cut it out. I had a piece of a kids meal toy I had been hanging onto and covered it with burlap, then I wound some frizzy silk trim around it. All that was left was gluing on my hand!  You could also hang necklaces from it!


Lastly is the journal spread! I stenciled the hand randomly, then added Distress Oxide to the background. I outlined the hands in black and as you can see, my stencil was pretty well gunked up by then so a couple hands look funky  😄. I added some waxes all over to give everything an iridescent shimmer. Looks like a galaxy - maybe alien hands 😀!

This was a really fun collaboration and there's another coming in January - pop up books!  Stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful Cathy and love the hand fan!! Deb xo

  2. Wow Cathy these pieces of art are fabulous and funky. Love your creativity.

  3. That texture!!! ♥♥♥ Thank you for joining the collaboration! You created some beautiful art.


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