Stencil Girl Pop Up Book

Welcome, everyone, to another collaborative with StencilGirl! This one focuses on using their stencils to make a pop-up book! And how fun it was!

First off, let me tell you what stencils I used:

Kunst Puppen - One Male One Female

And now on to the book! I used different papers and techniques for the pop-up affect. You can really go crazy with this stuff! 

Here's a quick and dirty video of it - I don't have a stand for my cell phone so I won't be winning any video awards 😂🤣

It really was fun learning different techniques used for pop-up books - these are basic. So much more to explore and learn! Adding stencils to your project combined with strategically placed pop ups, like an open mouth on a face, really adds interest. 

I hope you'll explore this type of art yourself. Pop-ups have been around a long time and is another great tool to use for artistic expression that we don't see a lot of. Thanks so much to StencilGirl for allowing me to be a part of this creative collaboration! 


  1. I LOVE your popup book! It's so creative and it really is inspiring because I want to run and make my own!! I appreciate that you created a video because it's just better seeing the book in motion!


  2. Love these popup cards. Very creative.


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